Mimi Allen Quick Facts

Alias: Mimi
Date of Birth: 11/12/1989
Home Town: Florida, USA
Measurements: 34B-??-??
Height: 5’3
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown

Mimi Allen Biography

Dark haired babe Mimi Allen was born in Florida in 1989. Mimi began her adult industry career in 2008 when she was 19 years old. During her first year in the adult industry Mimi featured in quite a few adult films which fell in to various niches including ebony, hardcore, Latin and interracial.

Mimi Allen stands at 5’3 and weighs 114lbs. Mimi’s fans love Mimi not only for her delicate stature but also for her perky 34B tits. Mimi currently has her eye brows and her tongue pierced.

During her adult career Mimi Allen has featured in many adult films for a variety of production studios including Club Jenna, Jules Jordan Video, Red Light District, Combat Zone and Voyeur Media. Mimi has also had the opportunity to work alongside some big name adult stars including Aliana Love, Aryana Starr, Shelby Chase, Ashli Orion, Shorty Mac, Tori Paige, Tianna Love and Riley Ray.

14 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. Nelson says:

    mimi my dear. everyday i sit here looki ng at your pictures admiring ur beauty. girl, i just want 2 make u mine

  2. Pharaohaten Amunrah says:

    Mimi, I’m sure you get this a lot…but…I was struck with amore the first time I saw you. Of course, I’m stricken with an abiding attraction for young women in their 20s. It would be nice if it would go away. I’ve tried to ignore it, but, the young have a way of seeing life afresh and I find myself drawn and captivated by that. Unfortunately, the older one gets the harder it seems to find someone in that demographic to whom they may appeal. As this applies to you, though, I couldn’t help but be attracted to the sparkle in your eyes and the joy in your smile and the brightness of your countenance. You appear to be most cherishable. I would love to get to know you some. I’d be honored if you’d allow me some back-and-forth communication between us. You can reach me at the email address given. I will hope to hear from you and look forward to it until then. Your most sincere Pharaoh.

  3. cody says:


    I love your work. Keep doing it! From one MIA chick to the next..your game is on point!

    Peace chica,

  4. bizybody says:

    Me and my wife just started watching you and I have to say… You helped me cumm in the best of ways. Thanxxx.. ;}

  5. Jason says:

    Mimi, of all the women i’ve seen in your profession, you’ve baffled me the most. I’ve always had an attraction to petite women, never too much but just the perfect amount of everything. Needless to say, your just breathtaking. But as a viewer, all i’ve ever seen is your sexual side. I never get to see what you might be contemplating because i only see you in character. i’d love for us to be able to talk a little. I’d love nothing more then to get to know you better, and get to know the real you. Email me sometime if you get the chance.

  6. Skyler says:

    Hey Mimi! I just discovered you recently. You’re my new favorite actress! I can’t wait to see more of your videos. 😀

  7. space says:

    Mimi, it’s so good worshipping you!

  8. Alex says:

    Hey Mimi…you could possible be the most gorgeous woman in the world! Thank you for sharing your charms!
    Alex [Sydney, Australia…ever visited??? xxx]

  9. Tee says:

    Mimi… Come on .. You really should start doing some anal work!!!!!! ON CAMERA.

  10. parker says:

    hey mimi im from san diego and just started in the industry, of course as a guy im shooting mostly gay stuff, but ive seen your stuff, (deinitly a fan) and ive tried to put that kind of look, the smilling and such that you do into my work and so far its working lol. so i guess what im saying is thanks and way to be!!! best of luck.
    sincearly, parker

  11. Lennon Boggs says:

    Hey Mia,
    I have a lot of appreciation for your work. E-mail me so then we may communicate. I look forward to hearing from you, once again.
    Sincerely yours,
    Lennon Boggs

  12. Fatih Turkey says:

    hey mimi, i love you.I love your body.. I see your photographs every night. If you come here, i will kiss your eyes. I will put the honey your body and then i lick your body. Mmm yeaah owww yeaaahh i love you mimi good bye .

  13. mimi allen says:

    hey fatih turkey. i will meet you 🙂

  14. nujiart says:

    are you retired?

  15. #1 fan says:

    Come to NYC! I would love to have a night with you.

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